Monday, January 21, 2008

IPower: Athene's new project

'I Power' refers to the power that each individual has to change and to take control of his own life.

It is a lifestyle based on 3 fundamental principles:

1. Being open-minded
Being open to all ideas and approaching them without prejudice.

2. Active thinking
Thinking about all the ideas that matter to you.

3. Putting your vision into practice
Actively making changes to your life as you reach new conclusions.

Beyond these 3 basic principles, there are no rules or restrictions attached to I Power.

The I Power lifestyle is simply about actively thinking and making changes to make sure that you are exactly who you want to be, that your actions and your thoughts are aligned while always having an open mind.

The more you actively think about things and put your views into practice, the more I Power you have. Because I Power refers to the power you have to change things and take control over your own life.

Is he trying to make a cult or something?

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