Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Illegal Danish 2: Escape from Orgrimmar

We've seen Illegal Danish Supersnacks, and finally here it is - Illegal Danish 2: Escape from Orgrimmar.
It's far from what I expected but still entertaining.

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With the “Illegal Danish” guild being preoccupied by Van Kraken and the theft of the Danish, Basutei is left imprisoned by Thrall in Orgrimmar. Meanwhile, Floivan and Dirti journey through Stranglethorn Vale on their own adventures.

The first episode of “Illegal Danish” was released in March of 2006 and took about 4 months to produce. Episode 2 was conceptualized the summer after and originally scheduled for a fall release (between October and December). Unfortunately our production was halted twice before finally being able to schedule the 6 months needed to produce this sequel (July-December 2007).

The entire script and all the content produced in 2006 was scrapped after certain contributors failed to follow through with the production. Instead we produced “Hunter Squirrelbane”, “Epic Flight Form”, “The Clefthoof Brigade” and “Learn 2 Play” which were much shorter and easier for our 2-man team to handle. We realize that it’s not important to most fans that we put so much effort into the “Illegal Danish” series, but it’s a challenge that we enjoy and we want to improve and push for our personal best.

The music is all originally composed and an important part of our productions (Myndflame has been producing music since 1993 and did not produce its first video until 2005). We also manage and maintain and work directly with other Machinima producers as well as companies involved in Machinima advancement. We know there are lots of great people producing all different styles and genres of Machinima and hope you will see that that we’re not here to inspire competition, only collaboration and growth in this emerging genre.

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