Sunday, December 2, 2007

Athene's List of Demands

Seems I write about Athene a lot lately. This time he didn't make another movie though - he spammed the forums with his list of demands.

Hi wow community,

Its me merciless gladiator athene from the hardest battlegroup in the world and not 'champion of the random noob' lolol (if you don't agree transfer and get pwned, if your for example 2300+ rating on cyclone you won't get higher then 1700 on reckoning)
I'm the only best paladin in the world with merciless gladiator and since a title prooves my proness i have brought my demands on a new level that has to be implemented
- if queues in 2v2 teams are longer then a minute low rated people aren't allowed to queue
- PvE items should have a rating requirement so they cant be carried in pvp by them (they got to get the arena rating with pvp gear first)
- people should have there ratings next to there names, surely when they talk to me, Merciless gladiator Athene, 2500+rating
- globaly mute characters if they have to low rating
- my avatar knight champion symbol on forum has to change to merciless gladiator symbol which should look like the holy grail
- i should be able to get any pve loot i want since merciless pwns illidan easymode
- when i kill people, i should break their items like its pve just so they do some effort instead of whining and dieing
- wispers have to start with dear merciless gladiator athene else they will get autamticly blocked and ignored
- me, Merciless gladiator Athene, 2500+rating get auto leader in battleground and have an option to take over control off party people to command them
- people have to automaticly bow to me if they are in a 8 yard radius around me
- horde on mount crossing me in a 20yard radius have 50% chance to get feared automaticly
- noobs should have their own city where they have to live in like a ghetto so they dont clutter a city that i'm in
- i should be able to respec people correctly by clicking there spec tab on character (resto druid, holy paladin, none of the low rated noob specs like ret)
- i can auto get guildmaster of any guild since merciless gladiator takes much more skill then moving away from pve blizard lolol
- all people with 1500 rating and less have to pay a tax to the higher rated players as they defend your faction (10% when they buy a mount and 10% on everything)
- i should be able to buy and sell low rated noobs on auction house so they can grind for higher rated people since they have better things to do
- blizard had to send me a certificate as proove i'm merciless gladiator so i can get big job as manager function in video gaming as they know how pro i'm
- blizard has to send me a t-shirt with merciless gladiator athene on it so people can see how pro i'm irl so i get first in queues in shops and nightclubs
- i want my own throne room where noobs have to do tasks for me like keep portals up for me at all times to every city (so minimum 4 mages has to rotate turns) provide me, Merciless gladiator Athene, 2500+rating with food, water from ritual of refreshments, priests has to mind control horde to my room because i cant be bothered to grind honor and a warlock and 2 low rated noobs have to summon me so i dont have to run. If they deny to do it i respec them back to there old nub spec lolol

People say i have no life, but i know its just because they have no life, no life left on their health bars becuase they are dead.
And don't come with the crap "i have more skill then you but no time" because you have the time to corpserun whenever I own u

I call all the nubs and pros to sign this list of demands, i'm sure its one off the most meaningfull things u will do for a long time.

Merciless Gladiator Athene, Best paladin in the world

Well, what do you think? Is Athene right, should he be worshipped as the best paladin in the world, or is he just full of shit? Should he be banned from Blizzcon 2008?

If you don't know who Athene is, check out some of his videos!


  1. that guy is a dousche

  2. he needs to learn that using "should" doesn't function correctly when you are demanding a certain action. he also needs to realise that the title "Merciless Gladiator" to some means a load of shite. If those videos are real then i'm afraid to admit that enjoy the game to an extended level but there are some limits! However if the videos of him are real then I hate to think what sort of children he and his opinion-less girlfriend might bring to the real world.

    the only stories he has to tell, because he really can't spell them, will be of proning nubs and shit..and mmmmerciless MORON


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