Monday, November 19, 2007

Zul'Jin and his arm

This player wonders how come Zul'Jin, the boss in Zul'Aman is so mad about his lost arm.

"Although enough physical damage will kill them, trolls can regenerate lost limbs and heal grievous physical injuries at an accelerated rate making them formidable adversaries on the field of battle: anything that does not outright kill them, they can recover from"

He has a point - but I especially like the post #30:

Zul'jin: Hello, it appears that my racial skill, regeneration, is not working. I've cut my arm x years ago and I'm still waiting for it to regenerate. Same with my eye.
Nerfbat: Hello, I am GM Nerfbat. Do you have a moment to discuss your ticket?
Zul'jin: Sure!
Nerfbat: Ok, so I checked your problem and it appears that it's working as intended.
Zul'jin: 0.o, but my racials...
Nerfbat: If you think that you have an idea to improve the game please go to the suggestions forums at and post it. Anything else that I may assist you with?

So true! :D

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