Monday, January 8, 2007

Your class sucks

Great post at WoW Insider:

  • Druids, your tree form is one of the worst ideas ever conceived. Everyone hates you because you can tank now. Moonkins will be useless in parties, but that's okay because you'll be forced back to healing at 70.
  • Hunter traps are completely useless in PVP. You can't find any good quest rewards while leveling. Aimed shot doesn't scale anymore and you're just horribly broken in general.
  • Mages are getting out-DPSed by shadow priests. Your invisibility is only good as wipe recovery. Your 41-point talents are mediocre and you are gimp enough for a six-page thread with little elaboration.
  • Paladins: much like druids, everyone hates you because you can tank now. Your Tier 5 looks very girly. You are neutered in PVP. You are gimped in PVE if you're retribution specced. Your raid leader will force you to spec Blessing of Kings anyway.
  • Priests are sinking into despair that they're forced to wear 3-piece Transcendence forever. Druids and paladins heal better than you, and are better at supporting the raid. Go melt faces, choirboy.
  • Rogues will do nothing in raids. NOTHING! You don't scale well at 70. Shadowstep is funny but useless. All your casters hate you because of Cloak of Shadows and won't heal you in raids, and your hunters are plotting to kill you.
  • Shamans, your Totem of Wrath isn't worth the 41 points and elemental DPS is bad. You are 100 percent terrible, the joke of WoW and you just suck.
  • Warlock's Felguard is worthless now and you will be killed by rogues. Other than that, there aren't many complaints .... from warlocks, that is. Guess you really are overpowered!
  • Warriors have too many complaints to list here. Druids and paladins tank better than you, and if you think your DPS is okay, you're just "jelous". Will the last warrior on the forums please turn out the light?
You can read the entire post here!

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